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We believe that the responsible closure of a mine starts from the project's design and continues throughout the life cycle of the mine. The closure plan will seek to rehabilitate the intervened areas and ensure chemical and physical stability for beneficial post-mining use.


The closure plan and its updates will be submitted to the National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN). The objective will be to make available the technical and financial background and the risks identified for the evaluation based on the measures and actions that will be implemented to ensure the physical and chemical stability during the closure of the Fenix ​​Gold mining site.


Among the most significant measures disclosed in the risk assessment of the current closure plan are:

  1. Sealing of monitoring wells in the mine area

  2. Washing of leached material on the leach pad, PLS, and emergency pools

  3. De-energizing facilities

  4. Dismantling of structures

  5. Filling of sediment ponds and water management structures

  6. Removal of medium voltage cables

  7. Waste management and removal

  8. Closure of access and installation of signage on the roads, piles, pits, and dump

  9. Groundwater monitoring

Fenix Gold - Access ramp to northern area
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